If you've ever wondered, this is what happens when you click 'Hot singles in your area' ads
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Funny Shit

If you've ever wondered, this is what happens when you click 'Hot singles in your area' ads

Don't be clicking on dodgy sites.

People have finally revealed what actually happens when you click on those dodgy 'Hot singles in your area' ads. 

So it turns out people are still clicking on these sketchy ads, even on the most normal websites out there. 

Reddit user ‘acheron53’ said:

"I was an 18 year old who just moved to a new city for college and knew nobody. Through one of those pop ups, I found a hook-up site that was something cheap like $3 a month. I signed up for the free account and got some messages, but to reply, I needed to be a paying member.

I put $10 on a prepaid Visa card so that if I got scammed, it was ONLY for $10. The one month I had the account, I got no messages. The day my month expired, I got 7 messages from different girls who would be way out my league if they were real.

Not being stupid enough to fall for it again, I closed my account. $3 spent to learn that those websites are bullshit is a fairly cheap lesson."

‘Acharaj’ said:

"Couple of years ago a young guy (must be a teenager around 16-17) came to my door and told me that he is looking for this girl, whom he met through some stupid porn dating site and she gave him my address to meet . I told him that I live here by myself (am a 28 years old guy) and all the women who have been here since I have moved in here are not the porn dating site type I believe.

But he was too adamant and was sweating hard by now. So I asked him to come in and sit and gave him a glass of water. Then I asked him that how much he paid for that, he looked down and said $750, so again I asked that how he managed to pay, he replied: “Mum’s card”.

So after a small unofficial counselling, I convinced him to call his parents to my place and played a mediator between the two parties. We all adults decided to report this to the police since my address has also been used for the fraud and mother immediately blocked her card. Family invited me for dinner for keeping their son calm during the panicking situation and we all laughed over a drink after the poor kid went to sleep."


"I clicked one of the ads for one of those $1 trials to one of the big name porn sites. Reality kings maybe? This was a while ago don’t really remember. Figured I’d see what might make porn actually worth paying for and either way I’d only be out a dollar. First it ended up being $2, not because of any weird fees, but they charged my card twice. But I trudged on because eh what’s $2, and I can bitch at them later. So I get their email like ,”Thanks for signing up for the trial click here to check out our content.”

I click there.

I immediately get two more emails, being charged twice in the amount of something like $40 each. So at this point I don’t even bother, I immediately close everything and fire up their customer support.

I tell them I paid for a $1 trial, got double charged, proceeded to click on the link given to me in the email thanking me for signing up and was then instantly double charged $40. The support rep told me I was charged because I went to a “premium area not included in the free trial, and by going into that area I automatically agreed to pay for a full subscription.” I told her nah, I clicked on the link you sent me, I’ll be taking a refund. She said they don’t give refunds. I told her they will give me a refund or my bank will be. Suddenly they magically gave refunds.

Never got the $2 double charge back, but $2 to learn that even the big name porn distributors will try and fuck you out of your money, so I shouldn’t bother actually paying for porn ever was alright in my book."


So, lesson well learnt: stay away from the sketchy ads.