WATCH: English football player accidentally pulls his wanger out on live tv

12 February 2018 1:59PM

During Huddersfield's victorious 4-1 game against Bournemouth in the premier league over the weekend, a benched Huddersfield player seemed to be a little more excited than the rest of his team mates (and by excited, we mean mad erect) as he accidentally flopped his full todger out in front of the millions at home watching live...

And yes, it looks suspiciously like a semi. 

That or the gent is one well endowed mother f*cker. 

The camera had cut to Huddersfield manager David Wagner when the player standing behind him, allegedly Danny Williams, stood up, dropped his pants and in doing so accidentally exposed his dong on live television.

Unfortunate timing for the player, priceless TV for the rest of us.  

Watch the moment above.