Throwback to 1993 - Kurt Cobain stops mid-song to kick someone out for sexually harassing girls

Great dude.
23 November 2018 1:52PM

He's one of the most iconic musicians we've ever seen, and besides his lyrical genius and impact on the grunge scene, is often sadly remembered for his long history of drug abuse and his unfortunate suicide in 1994.

But few would have seen or read about this side of the Nirvana frontman.

During a New Year's Eve 1993 concert in Oakland, California, Kurt noticed some douchebags in the front row of the crowd grabbing the breasts of girls who were crowd surfing.

He promptedly stopped mid song to chew out those fucktards and kicked them out.

Live footage of it happening below.

What a great dude. 

When this story appeared in the comments of this reddit thread, others shared yarns about how Cobain would often change the setlist of his gigs if the audience were being dicks to the opening act.

Others pointed out how his Nirvana bandmate and now Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl is continuing his legacy and kicking arsehats out of his shows, too.

Bloody sucks that we lost a good ones, but awesome to see his spirit lives on.