WATCH: NZ Police Sergeant Craig 'shredding' Cartwright's epic rendition of NZ's national anthem

NZ Police - give this guy a raise.
29 March 2019 7:14PM

Meet Jay Reeve's good mate Sergeant Craig Cartright

No only has this top bloke served his community for 22-years in the New Zealand Police force, he can shred a guitar as good as anyone. In fact, probably a lot better than most.

After a bit of convicing, Craig finally sent us a clip of his blistering rendition of our national anthem. It was sooo good we played ahead of announcing our #1 song in the King of Countdowns.

NZ Police - can we order an Award Of Awesomeness for this man ASAP. And Kiwis let's scrap any future flag debate, lets work out how we make this our official national tune.

We salute you Sergeant.

Check out the full clip bellow: