This is how to order items from KFC's 'secret menu'

This is how to order items from KFC's 'secret menu'

Get yourself a "Sida Bruger," ''Zinger Chipster' or 'Beese Churger'.

Secret menus at any fast food restaurant can be pretty hit and miss - but this time, KFC promise it's legit.

KFC Australia have revealed how to access some of their new off-menu items including the 'Slida Burger', 'Zinger Chipster' and 'Beese Churger'.

"We know our fans taste buds are craving new and finger lickin' ways to enjoy their fried chook, but nothing good lasts forever," KFC siad in a statement.

The secret menu is hidden in their app, and includes the never-before-seen 'Kentucky Snack Pack' which features fries topped with Popcorn Chicken and drizzled with 'fiery sauce' according to the Daily Mail.

This is how to order items from KFC's 'secret menu'

The menu is in effect in Australia now. Here's exactly how you can access it:

"To make the purchase you need to download the app, select your nearest store, tap 'order' and when the menu appears, drag the screen down," the Daily Mail report reads.

"As cartoon Colonel Sanders appears, hold the screen for 11 seconds until the 'Secret Menu' pops up."

It's unclear whether the secret menu will be hitting New Zealand anytime soon, but we'll definitely be keeping an ear out!



This is a regular burger with a Zinger fillet, cheese and mayo. In this case, the buns are flipped upside down. 'Honestly, we're not sure how, but it really works, trust us,' KFC said. 


This is a 'next level' Twister with a Zinger fillet, fresh lettuce, cheese and sauce all wrapped in a tortilla and stuffed with golden chips. 


For anyone who wants a burger without the buns, the Slida is the perfect option for you. It is simply a Zinger fillet, smoky bacon, fresh lettuce, cheese and sauce all packed between two flatbread buns."