WATCH: Easter Bunny hops into fight after seeing a women get punched

The crowd cheered, "Go Easter Bunny, go!"
24 April 2019 7:58AM

A bloke dressed as an Easter Bunny has been caught on video hopping to the defence of a woman, in Orlando, Florida.

In the video posted to Instagram, the "Easter Bunny" appeared to be the peacemaker between the fighting couple before it lost its cool. Ol' mate Bunny can be seen in the video trying to break up an escalating fist fight between a woman and a man, but eventually starts to throw punches themself.

Witnesses gathered to watch the bizarre fight, which took place on Easter Sunday.

A crowd can be heard in the background cheering, "Go Easter Bunny, go!"

The Orlando police quickly intervened and pulled the Easter Bunny off the fighting pair, but the bunny continued to shadow-box until the excitement died down.

The Orlando Police Department said in a statement the officer at the scene "dispersed all parties involved, and no one expressed a desire to press charges".

According to the Daily News, there were no injuries reported following the incident, and the cause of the brawl is still unclear.