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Chinese blogger tries to eat live octopus - ends up getting her face "disfigured"

Safe to say the octopus was having NONE of it...
8 May 2019 1:40PM

Safe to say the octopus was having NONE of it

A Chinese blogger has come off second best after trying to eat a live octopus while live streaming the whole ordeal.

In the video, the woman can be seen preparing to take a bite of the octopus before it suctions itself to her skin.

She remains calm at first, telling viewers, "look how hard it's sucking", before the reality of her situation sets in and she screams in pain.

Eventually, as the octopus lets go, the blogger smiles and tells viewers: "I'll eat it in the next video".

But she then realises she's been left with a small, bloody wound on her cheek, and cries "My face is disfigured!". It would too. The mature giant Pacific octopus has 280 suckers on each tentacle to defend itself from potential attacks.

The octopus' current status and condition is unknown.