The most badass KO ever? 720-degree spinning-hook stuns MMA world

Don't try this at home, folks...
6 May 2019 8:34AM

American Raymond Daniels may well have pulled off the most badass knockout in combat sports history.

The Bellator MMA welterweight prospect, a veteran of 38 kickboxing fights, shared the cage with Wilker Barros in Birmingham, England on Sunday (NZT).

The 39-year-old was winless in MMA until he produced a devastating fight-stopper in the first round of their three-round clash.

Daniels sent Barros backing into the cage with a beautiful spinning back kick to the body, before spinning twice in the air, landing a right hook flush on the chin of his stunned opponent.

Barros was out cold and the combat sports world had just witnessed the first ever 720-degree spinning-hook knockout.

The ironically named 'Human Highlight Reel' showing why he is one of the most feared strikers in Bellator's welterweight division.

Daniels ended his kickboxing career in December, on the back of eight straight wins, before deciding to re-dedicate himself to MMA after an 11-year hiatus.