WATCH: Metal guitarist has face burned by pyro flames, returns to finish set like a boss

Meet "the hardest Frenchman alive"
23 May 2019 10:42AM

Guitarist Christian Andreu from French heavy metal band Gojira has produced one of the most metal moments of 2019.

The band were performing when a strong wind gust blew flame straight into Andreu's face, which resulted in him leaving the stage immediately. See the clip below:

Thankfully, Andreu's burns were 'minor' and he was able to return to the stage like an absolute boss and finish his set. Blythe report the guitarist had his eyes closed at the time. 

Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe saw the whole thing from side of the stage, and  called Andreu “the hardest Frenchman alive” on Instagram. We can't disagree.