KFC are now selling bags of deep-fried chicken skin and we're frothing

The best snack you can get for $1.50.
4 June 2019 1:00PM

Have you ever seen something so glorious from KFC!?

Prepare your mouth muscles - KFC is selling bags of nothing but deep-fried chicken skin - at least in Indonesia.

As everyone knows, the best part of any KFC chicken meal is on the outside. Succulent, crispy, and coated in the Colonel's secret herbs and spices, it's the perfect combination of fat, salt and flavour. Now, the fast food giant is selling bags of the best bit. Each bag costs about NZ$1.50 and comes with about a dozen delicious bite-sized pieces. Are you drooling yet?

So far, the snack is only available at six locations in Indonesia, however it's already received a rapturous response from fans online, who call it the "ultimate snack".

There are hopes it could make its way to New Zealand - and KFC has been contacted to see if it will meet this demand.

Safe to say - Jim's keen.