MMA Fighter Jorge Kanella docked a point for his cheeky toe Hopoate

This is one place where I think we can all agree you shouldn't get kicked in by someone's big toe!
26 June 2019 2:30PM

In a recent UK MMA fight at London's SSE Wembley Arena, Brazilian fighter Jorge Kanella was docked a point for a cheeky (pun intended) Hopoate on his UK opponent Alfie Davis.

While MMA is known for its roughness, there are still a few rules in place that need to be adhered, with one of those rules being that you can't just stick your toe up your opponent's backside.

Check out the video below showing Kanella kicking his toe right into Davis' ass.

Naturally, this is one place where I think we can all agree would be one place that you wouldn't be pleased to be kicked in by someone's big toe and you can clearly see in the footage that both Davis & the referee felt the same.

Despite being kicked in a place where the sun doesn't shine, Davis ended up claiming his 12th win. In his aftermatch interview he told MMAJunkie:

"It was like, the bum, right at the bottom of the balls."

"If you're standing up with someone on the floor, you do not go straight line like that. You're never taught that because it's a foul."

"It slid up. So when I stood up, it was right in the gooch. It's normally pleasurable for a man, isn't it? The gooch. We all enjoy the gooch, but not when you're getting kicked straight in it."

However, according to Kanella, he felt that Davis 'faked' his injury and discomfort in order to get a point taken away. He told MMAFighting: 

"I kicked his butt, and that's normal. That's not illegal."

"If you watch the video, I didn't kick him where he says it was. Watch the video, I kicked his butt. He was faking it to get a point deducted, and it worked."