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Over-controlling wife's list of strict rules on what her husband can't do on a stag-do goes viral

Enjoy the stag mate!
10 June 2019 11:17AM

She sounds like heeeeaps of fun...

A wife has made the rounds on the internet after her list of strict rules and instructions on what her husband and his friends could (but mainly, could not) do on a stag do was uploaded to Facebook.

Her list of do nots include (but not limited to): no booze, no smoking, no strippers, no swearing, no hurting anyone, all phones to be tracked at all times....amongst many more.

Look, we know firsthand that stag do's often have a way of escalating and getting out of control, and the many laughs and memories are often accompanied by a few horror stories (and stories you'd never share with the other half). Obviously this bloke's wife knows that too, and she's done her best to make sure he stays in line and keeps on the straight and narrow.

Read through the full list below and we think you'll agree that this is actually insane.


Her initial post obviously caused a lot of reaction and feedback, with a lot of people probably telling her to ease up and she can't control everything he and his friends does. Which caused her to edit her post to include the following:

Okay guys I have taken your feedback and your right, i cant control him once he leaves the house and i cant control his friends so ive just decided to not let him go.

Bloody hell. We hope this is a troll job, for everyone's sake. Otherwise bro, run to the hills.