This massive Huntsman spider ate an entire bloody POSSUM

Just another reason to NOT visit Australia...


One couple witnessed a rare sight on what was meant to be a romantic getaway in Tasmania, Australia last weekend - a massive spider devouring an entire damn possum. Just casually.

Justine Latton and her husband booked accommodation at Mt Field, and it it turned out they weren't the only ones in their lodge.

Justine posted a photo of a Huntsman spider they found inside, eating a pygmy possum, to the 'Tasmanian insects and spiders' Facebook page.

Pygmy possums are a family of small possums, but that doesn't make the find any less terrifying. 

"Whoa that's one strong spidey!" one person commented. 

"Awww. Everyone's gotta eat, but man!" said another.

'Would have been amazing to see from the onset of battle — would have been so hard to not step in and help the little possum though,' someone else wrote.

For those curious to see how a Huntsman hunts, here's a video of one taking down a cockroach below: