Watch Slipknot's entire 90 min performance from Rock am Ring 2019 festival

This is EPIC.
10 June 2019 5:31PM

Got a spare 90 mins? You don't? Sweet, don't care - you should watch this.

Earlier today, Slipknot performed at Rock am Ring in Nürburg, Germany, and the good buggers live streamed their entire set so all you maggots could get your Slipknot fix.

Watch their performance above, and their set list below. Makes us DEAD excited for when they come to NZ with Metallica this October.

  1. People = Shit
  2. (sic)
  3. Get This
  4. Unsainted
  5. Disasterpiece
  6. Before I Forget
  7. The Heretic Anthem
  8. Psychosocial
  9. The Devil in I
  10. Prosthetics
  11. Vermilion
  12. Custer
  13. Sulfur
  14. All Out Life
  15. Duality

  16. Spit It Out
  17. Surfacing
  18. 'Til We Die