WATCH: This twisted helicopter rescue has the internet in stitches

Your laughing too - and you should feel bad...
7 June 2019 7:28AM

A helicopter rescue gone awry has produced a video people can't stop laughing at - even though they know they shouldn't.

A 74-year-old woman was injured while hiking up a mountain in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday (local time). When firefighters reached her, they strapped her into a stretcher below the helicopter and took off - and that's where it all went wrong.

Video shows the stretcher begin to spin wildly as the aircraft rises into the air.

It gets faster and faster, whirling in a clockwise direction and presumably causing the injured woman a great deal of motion sickness.

At one point the helicopter pilot seems to reconsider the scheme and halts the ascent, before eventually flying away from the rescue site.

The woman was taken to a trauma centre to be evaluated, where she was found to have suffered no serious effects from the spinning except dizziness and nausea.