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Australian pot grower avoids jail because his weed was totally shit and 'unusable'

The judge noted his weed was 'unusable'
22 July 2019 3:00PM

The judge noted his weed was 'unusable'

One Australian bloke's lack of growing skill has saved him from going to prison after the judge decided his plants couldn't get anyone high.

A 37-year-old hoticulturalist from Western Australia was snapped after more than 50 cannabis plants were found on his fruit orchard. But he's avoided a serious jail time after the judge determined his weed was "unusable". SAVAGE.

A farmer carefully inspects his marijuana plants

When police raided the orchard, they found 39 small cannabis plants, 10 mature plants and five seedlings, and all 50 plants we're useless to stoners.

His lawyer told the court:

"Had he have been able to actually grow the cannabis plants to a point where he could get flowering to occur and buds to develop then he would not have had 54 plants – he wouldn't have had 10 mature plants." 

Still, the bloke pleaded guilty to cultivating and possessing cannabis with intent to supply - he was handed a suspended sentence and fine.