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Bloke edits his girlfriend's forehead to look bigger in photos when she pisses him off

This is so petty and immature and we're here for it.
1 July 2019 2:41PM

Stand up and take a bow, because you sir are an evil genius.

This bloke, Theodore from Chicago, has gone viral after posting to Twitter that sometimes, when his girlfriend makes him mad, he likes to edit her forehead into a fivehead in photos to make it look bigger than it is.

He posted: "Sometimes when my girl makes me mad I upload pictures with her forehead to be slightly bigger."

The real beauty of this troll job is how subtle it is - he doesn't make her forehead huge, just slightly bigger - but noticeable when you compare then to before and after pics.

When his tweet started getting traction - it's now been favourited over 338K times - he further explained his work method.

It is so petty and immature and we love it.

What does his girlfriend think?

Well, it looks like she's taken it in her stride and having a laugh about it all - even going one step further and getting in on the action, by photoshopping some balls on his chin.

Sounds like a healthy relationship to us.