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Girl who complained her swimsuit left her bits 'hanging out' was wearing it upside-down

Glad she got to the bottom of it tho.
5 July 2019 3:50PM

This is one of the better "holy shit, I'm an idiot" stories we've come across for a while.

Whilst enjoying a bit of sun and sand on a girl's trip to Ibiza, this gal, Lyndsey Brown from Glasglow, found herself at the centre of a self-inflicted wardrobe malfunction, which now the whole world's had a good laugh at.

Here's the yarn - Lyndsey, donning a one-shoulder swimming piece, had had a few drinks throughout the day, causing a few bathroom visits. Now guys, you may not know this (because the guy writing this story sure as shit didn't), but when a girl wearing a one-piece needs to do the business in the loo, they have to pretty much take the whole thing off. It's a very complicated operation compared to what blokes are used to.

That part's important, and you'll understand why later.

Anyway, after a while she found that she had to keep readjusting her swimsuit in the crotch region, as she was - quote - "hanging out" all the time.

After a few hours and getting fed up, she took to Instagram to complain to Pear Swimwear, the company she bought the piece from.

She wrote:

Followed by a pic of her wearing the swimsuit. As you can see, that's not much fabric there to adequately cover herself. So fair enough for her to complain, right?

Well, not quite. The swimsuit company replied.


The shoestring thin strap that should go over the shoulder was used between her legs 😂😂😂

She explained how it happened:

Whoever was working customer service for Pear Swimsuit did a bloody good job at keeping it together and politely/helpfully replying. We would've pissed ourselves.

Once the truth was out, she and her friends had a good laugh about it. So alls well that ends well.

You know what makes this even better? Lyndsey is a fashion student. Think she would've figured it out first!