Jim Beam warehouse filled with 45,000 barrels of bourbon goes up in flames

That's 9 million litres up in flames. Ouch.
4 July 2019 9:29AM

Bourbon aficionados, you may want to skip reading this article.

A fire has destroyed a massive Jim Beam warehouse filled with about 45,000 barrels of bourbon.

45,000 barrels is approximately 9,000,000 litres of bourbon. Nine. Million. Litres.


Lighting is believed to have started the fire at one warehouse on Tuesday night, before engulfing a second storage facility. The fire is still raging on, with reports saying the blaze was so intense it sent flames shooting into the night sky, and generated so much heat it melted firetruck headlights.

No injuries have been reported thankfully, and the fire has been contained but allowed to burn for several more hours today.

Jim Beam's parent company, Beam Suntory, said in a statement:

A standard barrel contains 53 gallons of bourbon (approx 200 litres), and is aged for four years to achieve that sweet colour and flavour you know and love.

The silver lining - the warehouse destroyed contained relatively young whiskey, and the loss will not impact availability.

So you can breathe easy again.