Spotify reckons Nirvana are playing a gig next month, bassist has perfect response

You okay there, Spotify?
29 July 2019 12:40PM

Spotify is telling Nirvana fans they'll be performing at a small club in California next month, which could be a little difficult since their lead singer Kurt Cobain passed away over 25 years ago...

Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic says it will "take some work" to pull off the gig the band's meant to be playing next month. The grunge legends are set to play the 450-capacity club Discovery in Ventura on August 9, according to Spotify. 

"I could make this show, but will take some work to pull it off," Novoselic tweeted in response.

Cobain died in April 1994. Without their lead singer and songwriter, the band instantly disbanded. Drummer Dave Grohl went on to have yuuuuuge commercial success with his own band the Foo Fighters, while Novoselic has pursued a less high-profile career.