WATCH: Bloke goes nuts at bagel shop because he's short and women won't date him
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WATCH: Bloke goes nuts at bagel shop because he's short and women won't date him

Mate, it's a bagel shop not speed dating...

One bloke filmed going absolutely nuts in a bagel shop has become an overnight Internet sensation. 

Now known to the Internet as "the Bagel Boss" was venting at female customers at a New York bagel shop. 

"Why is it OK for women to say, 'Oh you're 5 feet' on dating sites you should be dead. That's OK?" the man yells at women in the store. 

It's tough to know exactly what triggered the tantrum, but fellow customers were certainly in for a show from the unlucky-in-love fella. 

Store customer Diana Reyes uploaded the video to Facebook on Wednesday with the caption: "This man walked into bagel boss this morning flipping out on a worker that was making his breakfast calling her names and claiming she had a smerk [sic] on her face."

"When other people got involved telling him to stop being rude and sticking up for the working this is what happened. He began ranting about women in the shop." 

An employee told The New York Post that the man walked into the bagel store at 9am, "screaming about the dating sites and how women hate him."

"He just went totally nuts. He said 'why are you smiling at me?" the employee recounted. "He started saying 'it's because I'm short and nobody wants me'."

In the video, after another store-goer attempts to step in, the short-tempered man yells at him: "Shut your mouth you're not God or my father or my boss. Dude you want to step outside?"

The scene has since gone viral online, and "bagel boss" is now trending on Twitter. 

But on the positive side for "Bagel Boss Guy", he's now Internet famous and some women is bound to slide into his DMs for all the right reason. Then he can calm TF down.