WATCH: Elders reacting to Slipknot goes better than expected

"I loved it! Give me more!"
12 July 2019 11:59AM

There are few bands that divide opinion more than Slipknot. But what do elders (who have never heard of the band before) think of the Iowa-based group?

Thanks to YouTube channel FBE, we now have an answer. And it goes a lot better than expected...well, in parts. One bloke "loved it!" and added "give me more!". Others were slightly less enthused and a bit confused by the whole thing. Understandable.

But maybe this video could be a good way to introduce older gens to Slipknot. And who knows, perhaps we'll be seeing some more older faces when Metallica and Slipknot play in NZ later this year. Check out the video below.