WATCH: Moment UK's most haunted doll threatens to burn this bloke's eyes out

No beef, mate..
15 July 2019 12:58PM

This is the momemnt a Welsh doll, branded the "most haunted item" in the UK, allegedly told a paranormal investigator it wanted to burn out his eyes in spine-tingling footage.

Danny Moss, a ghost hunter from the Pick TV series Paranormal: Captured, recorded a voice from the supposedly possessed doll can be heard in the video clip, leading to reports of the doll being the Welsh 'Annabelle' equivalent. 

The video shows Moss holding a crucifix and asking the doll "what do you want to burn?" To which she replies "your eyes."

The voice was reportedly captured on 'S Box' technology which scans white noise while preventing any radio interference. See the video below:

The paranormal investigators claim the doll is possessed by the spirit of a witch. The spirit is said to have attached itself to the item during a 17th-century ghost hunt at Nantclwyd y Dre in the Welsh town of Ruthin, so the story goes.

The ghost hunters have subsequently placed the doll in a "blessed" glass box.

The investigators told British media they have strong evidence of knocking sounds and the same voice, recorded over several months.

The doll has been compared by Moss to the demonic Annabelle doll, known for its titular series of supernatural horror films.

Moss said he expects public scepticism but stands by the authenticity of his findings. What do you make of it?