WATCH: This 14-year-old battler lasso a massive 1.8 meter sturgeon in creek

This young fella just became a local legend.
26 July 2019 8:20AM

This young fella just became a local legend

The video shows a pair of mates from Minnesota, USA, landing a monster fish using an unusual fishing tool - one rope and a bit of elbow grease.

Owen Sanderson, 14, and his bud Mac Hoekscra, 12, were fishing in a small local creek when they spotted the gigantic sturgeon. After lassoing the massive sturgeon and getting it on land, the size of the fist became apparent, with local media reporting a size of 73-inches (1.85 meters). See the video below.

"Mac gave me a rope with a slip knot and I just put it under his tail and yanked," Sanderson told a local TV station.

Perhaps the best part of this story is that the good lads returned the fish to the creek after measuring it.

Always good to see some catch and release.