LISTEN: Some monster actually made the Tool & Justin Beiber mashup of our nightmares

Listen... if you dare...
7 August 2019 1:27PM

Prepare yourself for the unavoidable result of the Tool and Justin Bieber's twitter 'feud' - a DJ mashup.

If you missed the news a few weeks back, Beiber admitted he jams out to Tool, frontman Maynard replied saying "#Bummer" and then the pop star's wife got all upset with a long post we can't be bothered quoting.

Now, DJ Cummerbund has tried to settle things down with a collaboration between the two acts, well, kind of. He's taken Tool's "Parabola" and pop song "Love Yourself" and mashed 'em together. And yes, it's as disturbing as it sounds. The song's description reads:

Listen to the song below, if you think you can stomach it...