WATCH: 'Battle of Area 51' Prediction Video to the tune of DragonForce is bang on

Still keen to storm?
2 August 2019 7:33AM

You may have heard that millions of people plan to 'storm Area 51' this September. Because what could possibly go wrong invading a military base, right?

A Facebook group, which started life as a joke, outlined plans for a bunch of "naruto runners" and "kyles" to meet up and break into the secret base and find the aliens and UFOs that have been hiding from us.

Right now, over 3 million people have signed up to raid the compound.

So one bloke has expertly created a video predicting what would happen this actually happened, and as you might imagine, it's pretty grim. Actually, it looks like Call Of Duty, but only one team is armed.  Check out the video below: