WATCH: Canterbury bloke's powerful video about looking after your mental health goes viral

Bloody powerful stuff.
5 August 2019 4:15PM

You may have seen this knockin about Facebook over the weekend and it’s truly amazing stuff. 

Hugh Renton - a Christchurch local, Canterbury University student and rugby player - who over the weekend uploaded a video to Instagram of him sitting in an ice bath to show awareness to mental health in a different way.

Hugh, who has had mental health affect someone close to his family places himself in an ice bath of 2-degree water. Why? To do something that is hard. 

Through the video, he talks about how putting himself in an ice bath might look easy for him but it’s not, similar to mental health, people may look fine on the outside but inside they may not be.

If you have a moment today, tomorrow or the next day watch the full 10-minute video below, he puts things into such an amazing perspective. 

Props to you Hugh, well done mate.

Where to find help and support: