WATCH: Foo Fighters invite bloke crowd surfing in a wheelchair on stage to smash guitar

How bloody cool is this band!
15 August 2019 12:07PM

How awesome is this band!?

All round good guy and rock legend Dave Grohl has made one bloke's night - actually, maybe his whole life. The Foo Fighters frontman spotted a fella in a wheelchair crowd surfing during their latest show in Hungary and made him an offer every Foo's fan dreams of.

"Ladies and gentlemen I would like to say, even to the guy in the fucking wheelchair,” Grohl said.

"He's the fucking star of the show right there — that's the fucking star of the show. My man! My man! I have a question; do you wanna come up and watch the show from up here?"

The bloke was able to watch the rest of show from side of stage. But at the end of the gig, Grohl invited the fan in the wheelchair to join the band on stage and smash one of his guitars! Check out the moment below. The magic moment happend after 8:45.