Evanescence forced to play acoustic show after their equipment truck crashed - aced it anyway

And they aced it!
27 September 2019 4:05PM

Evanescence were faced with a difficult decision this week - cancel a show or play on with what they had - and they made the right choice.

The band's transport truck crashed while they tour Russia. Luckily no one was hurt in their crash, but their gear wasn't going to make it to the gig in time. Yet the band decided to play on anyway.

"We're gonna have a special show tonight," Lee said onstage. "The truck with all of our gear was in an accident. While everybody is OK and the gear is OK, it couldn't be here for tonight's show. We didn't come all the way here to cancel on you guys. So, instead, we rented some local instruments and put together an acoustic set. So we're gonna play an acoustic show tonight."

A bunch of absolute battlers! And it sounded great!

You can watch the whole show below.