Restaurant in the shit for serving five people 86 shots during drinking session

Bro. Stop.
2 September 2019 3:42PM

A restaurant in Sydney is going to be in some serious shit after allegedly serving five diners a vomit-inducing 86 shots. Yes, 86 of those bad boys.

Two of the diners were found outside the Haru Fusion Soju Lounge restaurant, passed out on the road and footpath after the six-hour drinking session, according to the NSW Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority.

The group had been drinking soju, a Korean liquor that has an alcohol content of between 16 and 53 percent. Local media report that diners were attended to by police after being found unconscious and covered in vomit.

"It is almost beyond belief that venue staff could serve such a large amount of alcohol to a group of five patrons and not take any steps to avoid extreme intoxication," said Independent Liquor Gaming Authority chairman Philip Crawford.

"The fact one of the patrons was passed out on the road highlights the risk of serious injury or death."

The licensee of the restaurant is now facing disciplinary action, receiving one strike under the NSW Government's three strikes scheme.