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Infamous Aussie 'Poo Jogger' shamed dropping ANOTHER brick on Instagram

16 October 2019 8:18AM

The infamous 'Poo Jogger' of Australia has been caught on camera and exposed on Instagram after once again dropping a brick on a Sydney street. Yes, this has happened more than once.

Celebrity publicist Roxy Jacenko took to social media after finding body waste outside her office in Paddington on multiple occasions.

"The whole street has been wondering what is going on," Jacenko told

A neighbouring resident said they'd found four or five deposits in the same place over the past three weeks.

"One is fair enough if you're caught short - but four or five I think is too much," the resident told The Australian. "The poos have come more consistently recently."

"Today was the most recent (poo) so it was time to look at the cameras," she said on Instagram.

"We thought it must be a homeless person who had no other choice. You can only imagine our horror that it was a nimble young blonde on her regular jog of a morning."

"This isn't the first visit by the said female jogger. Do you know who this person is?"

A NSW Police spokesperson told The Australian they were aware of a "criminal offence" and investigations were underway.

If your in Sydney, watch where you step.