Official stats say these regions are New Zealand's most perverted districts

Some regions in NZ just can't keep clothed..
21 October 2019 11:50AM

New Zealand's most perverted districts have been revealed in new Police stats.

Hundreds of Kiwis have been dealt with by police after being caught getting naked, masturbating and having public sex, with some surprising results.

Despite the colder weather down south, Canterbury has topped the list for indecent exposure since 2013, followed closely behind by Auckland City then Counties Manukau.

But it's not just nudity and flashing getting people into trouble. Multiple people have been dealt with after being caught masturbating in public.

Auckland City topped the list for people caught performing an indecent act in a public place, followed by Waitemata then the Southern District.

Let's try and keep our kit on in 2020, okay New Zealand?