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WATCH: Irish bloke gets last laugh with hilarious pre-recorded message at his own funeral

"It's f**king dark in here."

An Irish bloke has had the last laugh - at his own funeral.

In a gag from beyond the grave, 63-year-old Shay Bradley pre-recorded a message that was played after his coffin was lowered to the ground. Video from the funeral was posted to Twitter by his granddaughter Chloe Kiernan. Check it out below.

"My grandad wanted everyone leaving his funeral with a smile on his face - and that's exactly what he got," Kiernan said. "I'm so proud."

In the video, Bradley can be heard banging on the wood, as he shouts for help from within his casket.

"Hello? Let me out!" he is heard saying. "It's f**king dark in here."

Bradley sounds like a stand up bloke! Rest easy, champ!