RZA wants Rage Against the Machine & Wu-Tang Clan to finish ill-fated 1997 tour

"That'd be crazy."
7 November 2019 10:19AM

Wu-Tang Clan's RZA reckons his rap group should reunite with newly-reformed Rage Against The Machine and finish a tour both acts started over 20 years ago.

Wu-Tang Clan pulled out of a joint tour in 1997, with Rage guitarist Tom Morello saying at the time, "It is my understanding, through the twisted labyrinth that is the communication system of the Wu-Tang Clan, that they're not playing any more shows on the tour in part because of difficulties they're having within their own group".

You can watch footage from that tour below.

But now, RZA has told TMZ he's bloody keen to tour with Rage once again.

"If the stars line up right, I would love to see, when they finish that Coachella run, to hook up with Wu-Tang and finish that tour we never finished. That'd be crazy," he said. 

RZA also revealed plans to contact Rage and make this happen, saying, "I think I'll start with Tom [Morello] and then reach out to [frontman Zack de la Rocha] and see what can happen".

So, who's keen for Rage and Wu-Tang concert?