WATCH: the world's fastest tractor with 1000hp hit a brisk 247km/h

1000hp tractors are a thing now.
20 November 2019 12:14PM

Yup - 1,000hp tractors are a thing now...

What you're looking at is the new fastest tractor in the world. With British TV presenter and motorcycle racer Guy Martin behind the wheel, this piece of farming equipment recorded an average speed of 217.570 km/h and a record top speed 247 km/h - with the average now standing as a verified Guinness World Records. See the tractor in action above.

The tractor was powered by a modified 7.2-litre turbo diesel engine that pumps out around 1,000 horsepower (746 kW) and 2,500 Newton-meters of torque. The original gearbox was been replaced by a six-speed transmission and a more aerodynamic body shell was installed.

Guy Martin can now add this record to his bizzare list of existing speed records, including the fastest speed on a gravity-powered snow sled (134.368 km/h), the fastest soapbox (137.78 km/h), and highest speed on a Wall of Death (125.77 km/h).