A Marilyn Manson x Mariah Carey mashup "All I Want For Christmas Is The Beautiful People" goes viral

It's's definitely something.
13 December 2019 9:56AM

Before you immediately hate on it - give it a go first.

Someone has mashed together Marilyn Mansion's 1996 single "The Beautiful People" with Mariah Carey's annoying holiday hit, "All I Want For Christmas Is You" to create - wait for it - "All I Want For Christmas Is The Beautiful People".

The song was uploaded to YouTube a few days ago and it's become a viral hit, with the unlikely pairing acquiring over 1.2 million views and being super catchy.

The bloke who created this has mashed up other unlikely songs - like the Spice Girls with Slipknot. So this is kinda his thing.

Check it out above.