Pearl Jam release 'Gigaton' album tracklisting and tease snippet of new song

It's only 15 seconds but better than nothing.
21 January 2020 1:21PM

This one's for you, die-hard Pearl Jam fans.

A snippet of one of their new songs from their upcoming album, Gigaton, has been teased online via The Bill Simmons Podcast.

Simmons, founder of The Ringer sports and pop-culture website and podcast network (and big Pearl Jam fan), teased "new music" before kicking off into the song, playing approx 15 seconds of the intro.

But why Simmons' podcast? Simmons is a big Pearl Jam fan, and plays 'Corduroy' at the beginning of each podcast. He has hundreds of thousands of subscribers, so it's a smart move from Pearl Jam to get him to play and promote it for them.

A bit of Google-fu reveals the song is called "Dance of the Clairvoyants" - strange, but we'll go with it - and it definitely has a different sound and vibe to previous PJ songs.

Can anyone else hear Chemical Brothers 'Go'? Maybe a touch of Nine Inch Nails? Hmmmmmm interesting.

March 27th can't come soon enough!