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Student expelled for playing Pornhub's theme song at school talent show

How to make yourself a high school legend.
4 February 2020 8:33AM

Not all heroes wear capes. Some play pornographic website's theme songs at school talent shows.

This teenager was expelled from his school after he got in front of hundreds of students and teachers, and played Pornhub's theme tune on drums.

Just two seconds into his performance, the entire crowd roared into laughter and cheer.

Update: the original video was removed on Twitter, but an alternative angle has been shared on TikTok.

So many points to take away. Like how all the students recognised the song straight away. And for the kid to be expelled, the teachers and staff must have known the tune too, right? 

If you - like us - have no idea what Pornhub is and don't know what the theme song sounds like - here's the context below.

Well with that kid expelled and all that free time on his hands, who knows what he'll get up to....