WATCH: Bride and groom's first dance is to Metallica

They danced to "Nothing Else Matters" from Metallica's 1992 album 'Black Album'.

The first dance at anyone's wedding is always meant to be special. A song that has meaning and provokes feelings is usually the way to go. And what better song than Metallica's single "Nothing Else Matters", from their 1992 album 'Black Album'. 

Lydia Breska and her husband chose that song as their first dance track. Honestly, we'd never thought of this song in a romantic way, but this dance is epic.

The video was posted on YouTube, with lots of Metallica fans in the comments section absolutely loving it. 

One comment says, "That moment when you realize you have the coolest bride ever because either A) You suggested Metallica and she agreed, or B) It was her idea, which makes her even cooler."

Another one saying, "Congratulations! This dance was like royal elegance meets heavy metal. Absolutely beautiful."

Watch the epic video below.