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Wife shames cheating husband by spray painting brutal message on their mattress outside their house

Oh Gary..
20 February 2020 8:06AM

We wouldn't wanna f*ck with this woman. 

After finding out that her husband had cheated, an angry mother publicly shamed him by chucking their bed mattress outside their house, and writing a savage message to him in red spray paint. 

The message reads "I changed the locks Gary. Take the bed to Laura's house. Sl*t. I'm divorcing you. I told the kids what you did in our bed and they don't love daddy anymore". 

The above photo was posted to reddit where it has since gone viral. The photo is thought to have been taken in Aussie. 

Majority of the users seem to be in support of the woman, with some comments saying:

"F*ck you Gary! Good luck with child support" 

"I think Gary is the c*nt here"

"Why is it always the Gary's that can't keep it in their pants"

Oh Gary... you f*cked up mate.