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British lad wins World's Best Mullet at the annual Mulletfest

Not behd, good size.
10 March 2020 3:34PM

A British bloke has just taken the 'Best International Mullet' title, and we gotta say, that's one hell of a mullet. 

31 year old graphic designer Rob Ayton first got a mullet as a joke three years ago while in Aussie, and he didn't really like it at first. But as the back of his mullet grew, so did his love for it. 

Rob then returned to Aussie, and didn't even mean to time it with the annual Mulletfest. Speaking to LADbible, he said he was there for a skateboarding competition, but "it just happened to time with me being out here for that so I could go out to Kurri Kurri and see the mullet fest itself."

He was pretty stoked when he won the 'Best International Mullet' title:

But having such a glorious mullet comes with its struggles. Rob said he's copped his fair shair of shit for his hair choice, saying:

"You couldn't print a lot of the comments I get. The most PC one is 'you look like an 80s pornstar.

Generally, feedback in the UK isn't great for mullets, however more recently I've had better comments about being an individual, whatever that means."

Take a look at the below video by SWNS for a good look at the legend's business in the front and party in the back.