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The French government seriously just issued a statement saying cocaine will not cure coronavirus

This is a 100% legit news story.
10 March 2020 2:17PM

This is a 100% legitimate news story.

The French government have seriously had to issue a message to the public that cocaine does not cure coronavirus.

Rumours and memes have been spread that partaking in some nose beers will not beat the deadly COVID-19 disease. 

This is the world we live in - thousands of Twitter users have shared fake breaking news images alleging that cocaine "kills coronavirus".

As Newshub reports:

"Scientists discover how a Class A drug can eradicate an epidemic," one headline reads.

The fake news alerts have been shared so many times the French Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has taken action.

"No, Cocaine does NOT protect against # COVID19," the ministry warned on Twitter.

"It's an addictive drug that causes serious side effects that are harmful to people's health."

Below is the tweet sent out by the French government, if you can read French.

The claim has also been flagged as false on Facebook, with fact-checking site Politifact rating it "pants on fire".

"If there were a cure for the novel coronavirus, we wouldn't count on it being a stimulant like cocaine," it says.

"There is still no cure for the coronavirus."

The spread of COVID-19 has fueled the spread of misinformation around the world.

Hucksters have claimed a bleach solution known as 'Miracle Mineral Solution' can cure the coronavirus - as well as cancer, arthritis, diabetes and autism. 

And a US-based vodka company has urged its customers not to use the spirit as a hand sanitiser replacement as it doesn't contain enough alcohol to work effectively.