Wannabe Tik Tok star licks plane toilet seat to be famous in "coronavirus challenge"

Wannabe Tik Tok star licks plane toilet seat to be famous in "coronavirus challenge"

Apparently "rich blonde bitches are immune".

She did it for the "clout".

As reported by Newshub:

An influencer has filmed herself licking a toilet seat on a plane as part of a TikTok "coronavirus challenge".

Ava Louise has over 21,000 followers on the social media app and a further 160,000 followers on Instagram.

She posted the video to her Twitter profile with the caption: "Please RT this so people can know how to properly be sanitary on the airplane."

The six-second video shows Louise crouching down and licking the toilet seat before sitting back up and doing a peace sign.

People were repulsed at her video with one person suggesting she "stay away from the general population".

"Really!! A toilet seat. I think after that the virus might be the least of your issues," one person commented.

"The things people do for attention," another user wrote.

Louise later confirmed on Twitter she participated in the challenge for social "clout" and the video wasn't that bad since she's "eaten a dude's ass".

She also said she "can't get coronavirus" because "the gays [and] rich blonde bitches are immune".

Louise told Business Insider she was "tired of some bitch named corona" getting more publicity than her.

"I just wanted more attention than this corona bitch but she's good," she said. "So I capitalised off her. And now I'm, like, global news. My mum told me she's proud of me.

"I shed light on [a] pandemic while wearing Fendi sunglasses… The serve."

There doesn't appear to be any videos on TikTok that copy Louise's challenge.