WATCH: Fan makes an eerie video of vacant cities to Disturbed's ' The Sound of Silence'

Pretty powerful stuff.
11 April 2020 2:02PM

Disturbed's cover of 'The Sound of Silence' already has an eerie feel to it. 

But after watching this video, it raises even more goosebumps. Disturbed shared the video made by Tiago Teixeira to their social media, adding "sending our best wishes to everyone all over the world. Stay strong. -D".

The "haunting edit" shows iconic city landscapes in Chicago, New York, Budapest and Paris mostly empty due to lock-down. 

The creator of the video said he "found the images of the emptiness captured on cities all over the world to be heartbreaking and eerie," and the video has gotten over 2 million views. 

It's sad, but pretty impactful, and gives a whole new meaning to the song.