WATCH: Rick and Morty's new season 4 trailer has dropped

The new episodes are set to release on May 3rd in America.
2 April 2020 8:11AM

Great news for Rick and Morty fans - the trailer for the second half of Season 4 is here.

After nearly two years of Rick and Morty deprivation, the first half of season 4 came out at the end of last year. The second half is set to release on May 3rd in America, and hopefully we in NZ can expect it soon after.

This trailer was posted on April Fool's day however, leaving lots of fans wondering if it's legit. But the shows network, Adult Swim, has a history of dropping things on April Fool's Day - like in 2017 when season 3 went live without warning on April 1st. 

Here's hoping it's legit. If so, the countdown is on!