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WATCH: TV reporter accidentally shows naked man in shower during live segment at home

You had one job Melinda 🤦‍♂️
21 April 2020 1:26PM

Sure, everyone's still getting used to this whole working from home thing. But this is a pretttttty bad mistake. And bloody hilarious. 

The Californian TV channel KCRA3 was doing an at home segment, where news reporter Melinda Meza was demonstrating how to style your hair from home. It was broadcast live from her bathroom. 

However, something wasn't quite right. In the corner of the frame you can see a naked man standing in the shower, reflected in the mirror. Watch below.

Whoever the man is hasn't been confirmed (I mean, who the hell would own up to being 'that guy'?), but is believed to be Melinda's husband. 

He's also standing dead still in the video, so he could've been waiting for her to finish the broadcast before hopping out? Honestly who knows how this happened..

..But we're kind of glad it did - what a good laugh.