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Bloke who required surgery to remove fish up his bum claims he "sat on it by accident"

Ok mate.
9 June 2020 1:42PM

Don't you just hate it when you accidentally sit on a fish and it gets stuck up your bum?

Happens to us heeeeeaps 🙄

A bloke in China has found himself in an embarrassing situation, after going to the doctors with abdominal pain. The docs were shocked to find the cause of the problem was that he had a 16 inch fish inside his body.

A. 16. Inch. Fucking. Fish.

What the fuck is a man doing with a fish up his arse?

Well, this fella claims that the fish slipped into his backside after he "sat on it by accident". Suuuuure mate.

Here's a few pics from the x-rays that were taken, courtesy of Daily Mail.

If you're really into this story, there is a rather gruesome video of the doctors removing the fish from his body - below.

So yeah. There you have it. Anyone feel like fish and chips for tea?