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Twitter is roasting those complaining punishers who didn't realise Rage Against The Machine are political

"What do you think they were raging against - the dishwasher?"
11 June 2020 9:49AM

Earlier this week, we ran a story of Tom Morello responding to an online troll who questioned his political knowledge, complaining that he was "another successful musician [that] instantly became a political expert".

Morello eloquently shut him down in one tweet, which he compared to "shooting fish in a barrel":

Here's a video of Bryce interviewing Tom Morello, talking about this incident.

You'd think that would've put an end to all this, but nope - this is the internet and this is 2020 - and more people have poked the bear with their ignorance.

One person, who has since deleted their Twitter account, sent a tweet to the RATM guitarist, telling Morello that they "used to be a fan until your political opinions come out".

They pushed on. "Music is my sanctuary and the last thing I want to hear is political BS when I'm listening to music. As far as I'm concerned, you and Pink are completely done. Keep running your mouth and ruining your fanbase".

Unbelievable. The stupidity hurts. We wish the tweet wasn't deleted, because this deserves to live on in infamy.

Morello responded:

And then Twitter jumped in to roast him further.