James Hetfield announces "new Metallica music" is being released tomorrow

Finally, some good shit is happening in 2020.
15 July 2020 9:56AM

Hetfield's out here dropping BOMBS on the internet.

The Metallica frontman just announced on in an audio segment that new Metallica music is coming tomorrow.

In the audio clip, you can hear Hetfield saying,

Listen below.

Drummer Lars Urlich repeats an identical message, which can be viewed on Metallica's Instagram Story.

While it doesn't offer much info, Metallica's YouTube channel has a trailer for S&M2 scheduled for Wednesday 15 July (which is Thurs 16 July, 1am in NZ time).

A live version of "All Within My Hands" has been scheduled to premiere at 1:15am Thurs 16 July (NZ time), too.