This one armed old battler sailed for 37 days by himself to make daughter’s wedding

After being stranded in the Caribbean due to COVID-19, The father said he had 'little choice' but to take to the seas to get home for the wedding.
8 July 2020 4:49PM

Somebody get this guy a cold one.

When COVID-19 shut down the world, Garry Crothers found himself stranded in on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, with flights in and out of the island grounded due to the virus.

Crothers feared with no flights home to Northern Ireland, he'd miss out on his daughter Oonagh’s wedding set to take place in September.

So rather than sitting around waiting, the sailor and obviously dedicated father decided he had ‘little choice’ but to take to the seas.

"Saint Martin is in the north of the Caribbean and is an area that is at the epicentre of the hurricane season," he told  BBC News NI.

"It was the easiest option to make sure I got home in good time for my daughter’s wedding. I stocked up on food and supplies and I set sail for home."

After 37 days at sea by himself, Crothers, who'd never taken on a solo mission for longer than seven days, completed the 6,437km journey back to Ireland's River Foyle on July 4th.

If the solo trip wasn't amazing enough, Crothers did it all with one arm after having the other amputated following a motorbike accident in 2018.

He's since become the vice-chairman of Foyle Sailability, a charity that encourages those with disabilities to sail.